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Windows 10 update - What I need to know

Microsoft have committed to bi-annual updates to the Windows 10 platform. These updates see additional features added and this includes;

  • a new features introduced  called Timeline;  a search tool which allows you to look back through 30 days’ worth of documents, files and folders to find your search terms. It also includes previous internet searches – allowing you to find a website that you previously searched for.

  • Windows to windows computer based sharing

  • Focus assist which is designed to help you avoid distractions from notifications from things like email and social media.

Windows 10 upgrade steps

The new Windows 10 April update has also brought lots of new features including an updated Edge browser, Cortana enhancements and more.

However, it has also been reported that the Windows 10 spring update (1803) is in a small number of cases, breaking some users features such as the microphone, speakers, mice and in some cases, even browsers. It is thought that the issue stems from unsupported drivers which will mean that the developers of those drivers will need to get busy with their own updates to fix the issues!


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