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SentinelOne C360

The next generation Antivirus designed to keep your business even safer.

It's time to upgrade your business' virus protection!

Have you ever asked what would happen if your company’s network was to be compromised with a crypto attack, or how long would your business survive for if you had no access to your domain, databases and user profiles? If you haven’t, don’t panic.


This is where SentinelOne C360 steps in and rescues the day! 

Cyber-attacks are increasing both in volume, threat and complexity. Traditional Antivirus protection is not effective against ever-evolving new types of virus. With SentinelOne C360, you can safeguard your business and replace your existing Antivirus.

SentinelOne C360 is the only Antivirus software that monitors your system and analyses every action on a machine to look out for any out of the ordinary activity and immediately detects it.

SentinelOne C360 provides the following protection against ransomware:

  • Automatic Response and Mitigation

  • Cloud Intelligence

  • Kernel-Space Operation

  • Predictive Execution Inspection

  • Real-Time Behavioural Detection

  • Support for Windows and Apple Operation Systems

  • Zero-day Attacks

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