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  • Mathaeus Abuwa

Risk! Do you access work files outside of the office?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

laptop outside in the sea


These are three concepts that currently underpin the entire corporate IT world. Data Loss Prevention as a concept goes deeper than a means of backup, it delves into the realms of confidentiality in an increasingly intrusive world.

In a corporate-driven climate where business professionals want access to their work files outside of the office, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security provides that in the most secure way possible. Essentially, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security is a suite that controls identity & access in the cloud, secures managed apps and centralises the control of an organisation’s data in an ever more distributed workforce.

It does this regardless of location, who owns the device and how technical the end users are. Perhaps most interestingly, when compared to alternatives like citrix and remote desktop, it can do it cheaper and even when the user is offline.

Not only does it sustain constant connectivity, it broadens the scope of transactions possible. Laptops, tablets & smartphones now consumes our lives both professionally and personally. Smartphones especially have become a critical component of everyday life, that’s why it’s imperative they’re used to sustain our professional lives outside of working hours.

barchart of number of mobile phone users worldwide from 2015 to 2020

There are currently 4.57 billion mobile phone users worldwide with that figure only set to increase in the near future (Statista, 2018). Forrester Data further predicts that $174.4(£133.78) million worth of retail purchases will be completed on mobile phones in 2018 alone.

Barchart of working hours during and after normal working hours

In their Mobile Consumer Survey (2017), Deloitte established that 53% of their employees used their smartphones for business purposes outside of working hours. Clearly, the need for constant connectivity is of the utmost importance and EM+S facilitates that demand perfectly.

Hacker on the laptop stealing sensitive information

The business world’s rapid transition into more cloud-based means of working presents Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security as the most efficient option of its kind. The truth is, hackers and cyber threats are becoming more advanced in the danger they pose, thus forcing companies to take more drastic measures. The Government recognises this evolving threat and with the introduction of GDPR, companies need to act now.


Animation image of what Enterprise Mobility + Security include

In a nutshell, EM+S device management is a software operating in the cloud that permits your employees to work from anywhere on the planet with the correct monitoring & security system in place.

In today’s age, the importance of EM+S is at an all-time high. Businesses from all sectors now harbour sensitive information they cannot afford to be compromised or shared outside of their offices. If you’re a recruitment agency, you want to be able to deliver the most comprehensive service available, by being able to work round the clock without the risk of having your candidate and your client list compromised.

EM+S mitigates the risk that employees might intentionally or accidentally release confidential data, taking it out of the controlled environment. In the past, employees could consider such an act, now they don’t even have the chance to do so. In practical terms, firms now have the ability to lock PCs USB drives, limit printing, copying and prevent screenshots regardless of where the users are located.


  • Ultimate Protection of Corporate Data

  •  Single-Sign-On (w/MFA)

  •  Work Anywhere

  • Cross-Platform

  •  Unified Management on Cloud and On-premises

  • Cost Effective

  • Holistic Coverage: covers all Android, iOS and Windows devices

EM+S also allows companies to fall in line with new laws concerning protection of personal data; General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR has also introduced the threat of substantial fines. The corporate world now operates in the cloud and the introduction of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security has changed the face of device management forever. It yields higher productivity alongside increased security and at a better price what more could you want?

Alas, I know what you’re thinking – “it sounds complex and expensive”. It’s not. If you have Microsoft Office 365 already you can just buy the £3 license which is currently only £6.60. Yes, it needs implementing and configuring but when compared with the alternative, simply put, EM+S is more cost effective than any other option on the market today.


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