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Wireless internet as a backup

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Your internet resilience depends, of course, on your budget, equipment and availability of connectivity options to your office. In an ideal world, budget and way leave agreements permitting, you have a leased line(fibre) connection, backed up by radio wave technology such as those provided by Optimity or Luminet. Whilst not a cheap alternative to just having a leased line, it is a truly comprehensive solution that lessens the risk of a digger cutting through both your fibre connection and your ADSL backup. Your business IT support provider will be able to walk you through the costs involved and help you decide if it’s worth doing.

But what if you don’t have that sort of budget? What other wireless solutions are there?

Well, firstly, 4G can be really valuable. Though it’s highly dependent on signal coverage and not being blocked by building construction and other interference, 4G can be just the answer to get you back up and running, even if it’s just temporarily whilst the physical cabling is restored.

Then there’s Relish, who offer a cost effective, out of the box solution that plugs in and serves unlimited internet. It differs from many of the hot spot solutions that the cellular operators provide because the Relish connection provides a wired (ether-net) output that can feed either your firewall (for automatic fail-over) or your switch.

Finally, another cost effective solution is to utilize a Draytek router’s inbuilt ability to use either USB dongles (not recommended as compatibility keeps changing) or to just place a sim card inside. These routers are carrier agnostic (so you have more chance of coverage) and can be automatically configured to fail-over without a second device. See Draytek’s own site for more information on their 4/3G Internet fail- over.

If you’d like to learn more about anything suggested above, or if there are any other connectivity issues that you are concerned about,  Correct Group  is always happy to talk to you – contact us any time via phone or email to discuss your connectivity options with one of our trained professionals. 


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