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  • Mathaeus Abuwa

Choosing Outsourced IT Support Provider

Firstly, remember that you get what you pay for;

Make sure you look for evidence that a business IT support company offers a high quality service.  Read their website and look around the internet for reviews and testimonials. Don’t be tempted to just go for the cheapest supplier – it’s always better to spend a little more and get a quality service.

Do a little research and find out if they’re being totally honest on their website

Companies sing their praises on their website because they want you to pick them ahead of their competition. For this reason, it is important that you make inquiries about all of their promises, either face to face or at the very least, on the phone.  You need to make absolutely sure that they were not exaggerating just to make a sale. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a contract with a company who fails to deliver.

How long is their recovery time?

There are many cyber threats to the productivity of your business, including system failures, hacking and data loss. This can cost you thousands of pounds depending on total downtime, so you need to make sure that your IT support company has a solid recovery plan in place if the worst does happen. They also need to be keeping on top of the latest developments and implementing new and stronger security measures to keep your business as safe as possible.

Are they specifically meeting the needs of your business?

Try to find a company that is flexible enough to change it’s approach depending on which company it is dealing with. Many companies try to implement the same systems for everyone, regardless of how suitable it is for your specific business. Be especially aware if a provider is recommending their most expensive plan. Though it is sometimes warranted, they’re often just trying to charge you as much as they can.

The overall message

IT support can be instrumental in boosting your business’s productivity and maximising profits, so make sure you put the effort into finding the perfect provider. An effective and valuable IT service provides a combination of pro-activity, dedication and efficiency, for a good price.


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