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Apps that every business owner should use

There aren’t many people today, especially in business, who don’t use a smart phone.  With this being the case, having as many tools available to you at all times, wherever you are, can be a huge help. There are so many useful apps now available on mobile devices that can make your life easier and more efficient in so many ways. These are some of our favourites;


Xero is an accounting software which lets you control and view your invoices, inventory, payroll and bills from any device. It is run using the cloud, meaning that anything you do on one device will be instantly updated to show up on another. The advantage that Xero has over other accounting software is how connected it is with so many other platforms like G Suite, Office 365 and PayPal – this makes it much more convenient if you’re already using some of these apps.


If you do a lot of work via your mobile device, or are otherwise out of the office, the ability to easily transfer documents and other data from one device to another is very useful. Syncplicity has a basic plan that’s free and comes with 10GB of storage per person, so it’s great if you plan on having less than three users. If you need more users, you can pay $60 per user for 300GB and a few extra features.


Floatapp is a service that creates finance reports for you, be it your weekly revenue, daily costs or monthly budget.  This service connects to either Xero, FreeAgent or Quickbooks Online to retrieve the data and then converts it into easy to read graphs and reports, along with making some predictions on your future financial situation.


Physical receipts can be a huge pain for a business; there are always so many of them and they take so long to process. Xpenditure  allows you to go paperless, which has a number of benefits: it’s better for the environment, it makes you more organised and it means you aren’t forced to carry around a lot of paper. Xpenditure allows you to scan your receipts, and then records all of the important information, like what the purchase was for and when and where it was made. This is uploaded online where you can add any additional expenses and then discard your receipts.


If you need help keeping yourself organised, Evernote  is one of the most popular notation services available. It’s based on the cloud, so when a note is made on one device, it syncs with all of them. There is a free plan that allows you to try it out before you consider investing in the plus or premium versions, that gives you access to cross-platform notation and the ability to search for text in images. And or in?


If you work in marketing or otherwise have to manage multiple social media accounts, Hootsuite can save you a lot of time. Instead of posting the same message over and over, it enables you to post the same message on all of your social media at the same time. This means you reach out to all clients and audiences simultaneously, with minimal time spent doing so. Hootsuite offers four different package options: the cheapest is £7.99/month and lets you manage ten profiles at once, and the price increases as you add profiles and extra benefits such as training and analytics tools.


Scannable scans paper documents like bills, receipts and letters, and converts them into good quality scans which can be saved to your Evernote account or sent to other users to view. Again, the integration with Evernote means that only one account has to be checked when looking for files rather than creating confusion about which documents are saved where. If you combine this with Xpenditure, you can say goodbye to paper documents forever!


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