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5 Questions to ask your next IT Support Company

Telephone with headphones at support helpdesk

1. Do you use remote monitoring and support tools?

The best IT support companies rely on much more than a panicked phone call from a client to know if something is wrong with one of their servers. They install remote management software on PCs, Macs and Servers that constantly talk back to them and keep checking that everything is working as it should.

Many versions and types of this software exist. There are systems provided by LogMeIn, Connectwise (which amalgamated with Labtech), N-Able, Kaseya and SolarWinds (which took over and absorbed GFI) among several others. The reasons why one Managed Service Provider (MSP) might choose one of these software programs over another could be commercial (price and contractual relationships) or functional (each has its strengths and weaknesses), but there are also compatibility issues that a good MSP will have established with it’s other systems and processes.

Correct Group uses remote management software that is capable of reporting and creating tickets directly into its ticket Helpdesk system. The efficiency of this approach combined with a proactive schedule in which engineers are addressing each ticket created, means our clients are getting the best possible IT support service for them.

2. Do you have real people who can reach me quickly when things go wrong?

Not every problem can be dealt with remotely. A fantastic support team is only effective if they can access the systems they are supporting. Consider whether your next IT Support company is near you or if they only have operatives in an extremely remote call centre.

3. How can I be sure that your people have the skills that we need?

Look for accreditation! Microsoft and Apple don’t make it easy for a computer engineer to call themselves a Certified professional/technician. Without sufficient engineers and experience, an MSP cannot achieve Gold Partnership.

Similarly, you should look for ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. These quality and security standards show that an organisation is serious about supporting clients in the right way, and the best IT support companies are serious enough to invest time and money to prove it.

4. What systems do you use to track our issues?

Just like any other company, IT support companies can only provide good service if they have a CRM system. In IT this is commonly referred to as a Ticketing database.

As clients will typically log “tickets” and also have “projects” to manage, a good software system is the only way for an MSP to ensure the work is being done by the right people at the right time.

Correct Group use the worldwide no.1 market-leading software to provide and track the best service to its clients. Don’t forget to ask your next IT provider what they use.

5. Who owns you and do they care?

IT support companies have a history, just like your company does. Their story will reflect the type of experience you can expect to receive.

Don’t forget to check who founded the company. Are they still involved?

What type of people are they? Do they really care about their clients and technology or do they simply view your business as another contract won?

Are they “big enough to cope but small enough to care”?


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