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Monitoring & Maintenance

We do dozens of checks on your networks to detect potential problems and fix them before you experience the pain of downtime.  

Be one step ahead with proactive monitoring 

Every business relies on technology in some way to keep it running smoothly. Disruptive IT issues are problems that companies just can’t afford.


Correct Group monitors and manages hundreds of our client’s IT systems, aiming to protect your business and rectify faults before they have a chance to impact you. All your servers and workstations will be monitored during office hours to save you time and money. As well as keeping an eye on the software, we look after the physical health of your network to ensure that there are no problems with things like your hard disks, server fans and power suppliers.

Our Service includes:

  • Making sure that all critical and important patches are applied. 

  • Keeping your data safe by automatically checking your backup every day. 

  • Monitoring for data and security breaches to ensure nothing untoward affects your systems.

  • Keeping you in contact with your customers and suppliers by ensuring daily your lines of communication are always open. 

  • Monitoring hardware alerts so that we know when a disk is at risk of failure or a battery on your UPS is coming to the end of life. 

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