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Apple Mac Support

Why Apple?

Apple has long been a household favourite, but in recent years it has grown steadily as a platform for businesses as well. No longer limited to design agencies and video production, our dedicated Apple Mac support team has a seen a surge in demand for our services. Directors who are keen for their home and office devices to work as smoothly as each other have brought their Macbooks and iPhones to us and we’ve created secure, robust and scalable networks for them that support their business and do everything they’d imagined.

The Apple-based clients we’re now supporting include accountants and solicitors as well as the traditional agencies and creatives that you’d expect. Choice is a wonderful thing and Correct Group gives you the ability to choose Microsoft, Apple or Linux, or any combination of these that you require.

Apple Mac Support

Ditch the Downtime

We’re a business too, so we understand the impact that any technology disconnection or downtime can have. We make sure that we work with you to fully appreciate your business and it’s needs, and we use that awareness to create systems that will best serve you. This close relationship with your company, plus our many years of work in the industry, give us the ability and the experience to solve any IT problems that may arise.

We aim to be as proactive as possible, using advanced monitoring software to keep a close eye on your Mac systems, so we’ll usually know if there’s a problem before you do. We also strive to fix as much as we can remotely to minimise disruptions to your users and workflow by assisting you all the way related to your Apple Mac support.

ditch downtime

Bringing Apple to The Workplace

Many IT Support companies are comfortable with either Windows PC’s or Macs. Correct Group can bridge the gap between the two.

Our Apple Mac support team provide expert consultancy and Apple assistance all the way from procurement to deployment of your computer systems. We can supply, install, configure, manage and maintain all your macOS and iOS devices, from servers to iPhones. What’s more, we have the expertise to integrate your Apple ecosystem into your existing infrastructure. Very few environments are purely Mac-based, but even if you are a Mac Support centric company, the chances are that many of your customers will be using Windows.

Correct Group offers Apple Mac Support on issues, updates, integration, maintenance, and management. We also provide consultancy on the whole Apple ecosystem from Macs to iPads to iPhones, as well as management via Apple’s tools and third-party tools – these include Casper, FileWave, Munki, and DeployStudio.

Our Apple certified engineers can provide Apple Mac support to you on-site or remotely – whichever works best for your needs. Our aim is for you to spend your time running your business without worrying about the technology.




Bring mac to the office

Post-Production Expertise

If you’re looking for a technology service provider who really understands the post-production process, look no further.

Correct Group has extensive experience in setting up edit suites for high-end production. Our vast knowledge of this area enables us to structure and configure your technology in a way that will let you get the most out of your equipment and the best results for your projects. Post-production environments can create such a large amount of data that traditional network and backup strategies aren’t effective. Correct Group has the experience and the know-how to get it right, especially in Mac support.

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You’ve found it! We’re specialists on Apple Mac support – we’ve got the knowledge and the extensive experience to help you with anything you need. Contact us to see how our Apple Mac support team can help your business.


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