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Technology can have a huge impact on your business and make all the difference when it comes to maximising productivity and profitability. The right IT choices can lead to your organisation saving money, or making more of it, identifying opportunities for increased functionality and performance, and taking care of its customers more effectively.

Correct Group has been providing IT solutions to businesses in London and beyond for over 15 years, and we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved for our clients and the skills that we’ve gained. We keep an open mind and don’t just push one vendor over another – our recommendations and everything that we suggest are always considered with your needs in mind. We prefer to ensure that your IT systems are of optimal benefit to YOUR business, with all aspects considered, which means that the benefits of any suggested IT solution that we advise is balanced against what it’s worth to you and your business.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve grown as a successful IT support company and are known as an extension of our clients’ team. Our aim is to let you focus on your business, whilst we take care of your IT requirements.

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Microsoft Office 365

Utilise the power of the Microsoft Cloud and improve resilience of your systems

Cloud Hosting

Correct Group works with our clients to recommend the best and most cost-effective platform for their business.


A virtual desktop setup gives your organisation greater flexibility, enhanced connectivity options and increased security against performance disruptions.

G Suite

We have extensive experience in configuring and maintaining G Suite

Data Loss Prevention

Prevention We can offer effective advice on your Business Continuity Planning.

SAN Storage Solutions

We are experts at providing networked storage solutions that offer better performance for the applications that drive your business.

IT Security

We specialise in IT Security and highly committed to making sure that our clients are protected from the various methods of cyber infiltration.

Wireless Networks

Correct Group can provide the robust wireless networks required with knowledge and expertise.

Commercial Removal

We work closely with space planners and removal companies to make sure all the required connectivity is in place as soon as your team arrives in their new office.

Cut your IT costs and improve computer uptime

Quote is liable to change depending on network complexity.

We appreciate that all our clients have unique needs, but if you’d like a quick indicative price of what we’d charge to support you, just fill in your numbers on this simple form and we’ll provide a rough and ready quote to set expectations.

Looking for a more tailored IT support contract? Let us know and we’ll talk you through the options. You can also request a bank of hours agreement or include all sorts of other options not given here.

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  2. Does your email system protect against spam, phishing, and malware?
  3. When was the last time you had an IT assessment?
  4. Is your data secure and GDPR compliant?
  5. Do your get a detailed monthly IT report?
  6. Does your IT support provide 24/7 monitoring and automated prevention measures?
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