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Why is IT Consulting critical for businesses?

For businesses without in-house expertise available, this can be daunting. It can also be costly if the wrong decisions are made – an incorrect or inappropriate judgement regarding IT can not only negatively impact productivity, but drain the business’s finances unnecessarily. It is during these times that many of our clients lean on us for advice and strategic direction. With hundreds of clients under support in many different verticals, we are able to leverage that experience to avoid costly mistakes for our clients. Some of our clients require more hands on involvement at board level, asking us to provide insight when selecting software, recruiting IT staff, or implementing complex IT projects. On these occasions, Correct Group is able to provide interim support. Whether attending key board meetings, writing strategy documentation, reviewing network security, planning business continuity, appraising new solution or 3rd party providers, Correct Group has the experience and key personnel to bolster you during these crucial times, and replace the need for a full time IT director.

Every company needs direction if it is to move forward successfully. However, when it comes to technology, not everyone has the in-house IT skill and expertise required to know which way to go when choosing the best IT support systems and solutions for their business. This is where we step in. Correct Group provides board-level strategic IT direction to your business through one of our outsourced IT services – a Consultant IT Director.


Our interim director can help you to define your organisation’s IT strategy, including the assessment of software suitability, scalability, and the future direction your IT platform should take.


Many clients have already turned to Correct Group for assistance in managing their in-house technology resources to ensure that they are used efficiently and effectively. We can also help you to search for and select in-house IT personnel, because after all, unless you’re already an expert, you won’t really know what skills to look for!

IT Director


If your company is planning large-scale technology change, our consultant will provide you with impartial advice. We specialise in managing complex issues so that you don’t have to, and by handing it over to our IT experts, you won’t suffer the expensive mistakes that so many businesses end up making.


Our IT director will embed themselves in your company and act as one of your team, in order to truly understand your company’s needs. For larger companies, this includes attending board meetings so that they can represent your business’s IT needs in the best way possible.


If your company board approves any decision to go ahead with increased IT resources, our consultant IT director will assist you with the procurement process. When you’re buying third-party IT products and services, it will literally pay to have the expert IT advice of our consultant, who will ensure that you use your valuable budget wisely.


To begin with, we would establish regular meetings between you and our IT consultant. At a minimum, this would be every quarter. This will allow us to keep fully abreast of any changes in your requirements and ensure that all of your IT needs are being met.


If you prefer, or in addition, our consultant will speak to you on the phone, or via video conference, so that wherever you are based, we can still provide you with expert consultancy.


We always practice ‘change control’, which means that we carefully assess what needs to be done and don’t make changes for the sake of it. If a hardware or software change is deemed necessary, we will design and test it before we implement it.

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