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Wireless Internet Business Back-up

As more critical applications move to the cloud, reliance on ones internet grows. What happens when that internet fails is part of you business continuity plan and backup internet or an internet fail-over is sensible.

Of course your internet resilience  depends on budget, equipment and availability of connectivity options to your office. In an ideal scenario budget and way leave agreements permitting you would have a leased line (fibre) connection backed up by radio wave technology such as those provided by various ISPst.  Its not cheap as an alternative to a leased line but it’s truly a different solution, which lessens the risk that a digger cuts through both your fibre connection and your ADSL backup.

4G internet

If you don’t have that sort of budget what other wireless solutions are there? This is where 4G can play a part, although highly dependent on signal coverage and not being blocked by building construction and other interference, 4G could be just the solution to get you up and running even temporarily whilst the physical cabling is restored.

A cost effective solution is to utilize a 4G router’s inbuilt ability to use either USB dongles (not recommended as compatibility keeps changing) or just place a sim card inside. This means they are carrier agnostic (so you have more chance of coverage) and can be automatically configured to fail-over without a second device.

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