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Call Centre Solutions

Each call centre requires a bespoke set-up. Automated dialling, screen prompts and data collection are all integrated into our customer call centre software that we tailor make for each client. Based on open source technology, the features available at a low cost can propel your company to new heights of productivity, for relatively little expense.

An inbound telephone campaign requires call routing features such as:

  • Interactive Voice Menus (IVR)
  • Screen Popping and CRM integration
  • Queues and hold music
  • Telephone Agents
  • Prompted Scripts

An outbound automatic campaign may want such bespoke features as:

  • Custom number presentation
  • Automated dialling
  • Call recording

Call us to discuss what your company needs. Our dedicated Telecoms team will understand the requirements of your business and create a telephony system that suits your business.

Call centre solutions

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