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Telephone Systems

Most businesses use some form of telephony, but traditional telephone systems can be slow or clumsy to operate, limited in capabilities and expensive to use and maintain. The good news for business operators is that embracing the new technology that cloud-hosted telephony platforms offer is an extremely user-friendly and cost-saving exercise. Heavier on function and lighter on the pocket – that sounds pretty good to us.

Correct Group has been working with telephony for many years and we have a deep understanding of telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP). We don’t just partner with other telecoms companies though – we have our own hosted VoIP platform with thousands of handsets currently connected. We provide custom solutions for call centres, and if you’d prefer to stick with more traditional ISDN solutions, we can cut down your bills significantly.

Making the change to one of Correct Group’s hosted telephony services is simple and quick, and we can guarantee that it will provide a host of benefits that your employees and your finances will thank you for after. We are a hosted telephony provider and offer cloud-hosted PBX system which brings a huge benefit, right across the board.

We have a broad range of hosted telephone system services including hosted VoIP, non-geographic numbers, Skype for business, call centre software and carrier pre-select.

Our serVICES

Cloud Hosted Telephony

Our Platform solves all the problems encountered with traditional telephony with advanced features that could help your business run smoothly.

Skype for Business Integration

Skype for Business leads the way in unified communications.

Call Centre Solutions

Automated dialling, screen prompts and data collection is all integrated into our customer call centre software that we tailor for each client.

Carrier Pre Select

Correct Group can help undercut your current bills without having to change anything at all.

Non Geographic Numbers

Make yourself accessible by selecting local numbers that will ring in your office regardless of where you are, and at no extra cost.

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