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Our Technology Talk blog provides insight, guidance and application advice for new technologies and their benefits or disadvantages to your business. The world of IT is constantly evolving and new developments have the potential to enhance or disrupt your business at any time. Keep up to date by reading our expert commentary and reviews so you can ensure that you’re making the Correct tech decisions to help your business grow.

Data storage

Do Backups Always Defend Me From Ransomware?

| | About IT Support, Cyber Security, Proactive

The number of ransom attacks is rising, and unfortunately, your chosen backup system may still not be protecting you from Ransomware. Hackers are infecting systems and then demanding hefty payouts for the return of data – the strongest form of defense is to make sure that your IT support team is constantly reviewing your protection software and keeping it as up to date as possible.

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Cloud hosting

Wireless Internet As A Backup

| | About IT Solutions, Connectivity

Fixed internet connections can let you down occasionally, so it’s always advisable to have some sort of wireless solution available to use as a backup should your lines be interrupted temporarily. We have a few suggestions for you that won’t cost a lot but could really rescue your business someday.

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Edge vs Chrome

Microsoft Edge Vs Google Chrome

| | Productivity

Google Chrome has monopolised the browser market since 2008, currently holding three quarters of total users. But can Microsoft’s newcomer, Microsoft Edge, stand up and compete?

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