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Our Technology Talk blog provides insight, guidance and application advice for new technologies and their benefits or disadvantages to your business. The world of IT is constantly evolving and new developments have the potential to enhance or disrupt your business at any time. Keep up to date by reading our expert commentary and reviews so you can ensure that you’re making the Correct tech decisions to help your business grow.

IT Security

Challenges of IT Relocation For My Business

| | About IT Solutions, About IT Support, Office Moves

Moving premises can be both exciting and daunting for an SME. It probably means that your businesses has grown and needs more space for more staff and infrastructure. However, IT relocation is often more difficult than most businesses expect. These are the challenges we regularly face with clients, and the steps we take to navigate them as effectively as possible.

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Apps for business

Apps That Every Business Owner Should Use

| | Productivity

Everyone has a smart phone these days but not everyone makes the most of it’s potential. There are so many opportunities to streamline your business (and life) within your personal device, so make sure that you take advantage of them.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams in Review

| | Productivity

Microsoft’s new instant messaging app for Office 365 has been released, and we’ve eagerly been testing out its various features. Is it any good? Read on.

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Computer virus

Is Your Password Strong Enough?

| | Cyber Security, Proactive

Passwords are one of the most basic foundations of your cyber security. As hackers find increasingly sophisticated methods to crack your codes, it is more important than ever to make sure that yours are as strong as possible. Check out our tips, they could save you a world of pain down the line.

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