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Our Technology Talk blog provides insight, guidance and application advice for new technologies and their benefits or disadvantages to your business. The world of IT is constantly evolving and new developments have the potential to enhance or disrupt your business at any time. Keep up to date by reading our expert commentary and reviews so you can ensure that you’re making the Correct tech decisions to help your business grow.

Fibre Optic Cable Speeds London

Internet Connectivity in London

| | About IT Solutions, Connectivity

Choosing what type of internet connection to go with for your business can be incredibly confusing, and it’s made even more complicated  by the multitude of providers in a deregulated market offering the very same product for a variety of prices.  It is important to be well versed in the implications of all connection options, especially as connectivity is one of the key considerations businesses must look at when deciding on premises.

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Moving Office can prove tricky

5 Common IT Mistakes When Moving Office

| | About IT Support, Office Moves

Even though office space is scarce in London and landlords can command eye-watering rents, businesses are still moving premises all the time. Whether you’re moving because your lease has expired, or because business is booming, there are key mistakes that we see managers make time and time again. To help you avoid making the same errors, here’s our list of the top 5 office relocation mistakes seen.

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IT security

Does Your IT Security Pass The Test?

| | About IT Solutions, Cyber Security, GDPR

IT security is an arms race and the pace is only speeding up. Data is worth money and a data breach can cost your business it’s reputation and potentially close you down. Does your company do the simple things that make sure it’s reducing it’s risk of cyber attack? Here’s 5 inexpensive tips that can save you from disaster.

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On-site or remote support

On-site or Remote IT Support?

| | About IT Solutions, About IT Support, Managed Services

As increasing numbers of businesses who aren’t specialised in IT realise how difficult it is to keep up with the latest technologies, outsourced IT support is rising dramatically in popularity. It is estimated that the IT outsourcing market will grow at a rate of almost 6% until 2019, which means that managed IT services are in ever growing demand.

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