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How Microsoft 365 Enterprise helps my business?

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The ‘Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise’ program combines Office, Windows and Enterprise Mobility and Security to offer a new, flexible and comprehensive one-stop IT suite for businesses. With one single all-inclusive fee to pay each month, and no long term license commitments, here’s why your company should be considering moving over to 365 Enterprise today.

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Correct Group offers IT Solutions that enables Working from home

IT Support Enables Working From Home

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In an increasingly digitised business climate, the option of working remotely is now a feasible choice for many. The appeal of home-working is strong for both employers and employees. It can be cost-effective because it cuts down the expenses associated with running an office, from space requirements to physical hardware and machinery. It has recruitment benefits because you’re not confined to local resources for personnel, and for the workers themselves, the time saved by eliminating a commute is highly attractive.

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Apps for business

Apps That Every Business Owner Should Use

| | Productivity

Everyone has a smart phone these days but not everyone makes the most of it’s potential. There are so many opportunities to streamline your business (and life) within your personal device, so make sure that you take advantage of them.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams in Review

| | Productivity

Microsoft’s new instant messaging app for Office 365 has been released, and we’ve eagerly been testing out its various features. Is it any good? Read on.

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Edge vs Chrome

Microsoft Edge Vs Google Chrome

| | Productivity

Google Chrome has monopolised the browser market since 2008, currently holding three quarters of total users. But can Microsoft’s newcomer, Microsoft Edge, stand up and compete?

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