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IT enables Working from home

IT Support Enables Working From Home

In an increasingly digitised business climate, the option of working remotely is now a feasible choice for many. The appeal of home-working is strong for both employers and employees. It can be cost-effective because it cuts down the expenses associated with running an office, from space requirements to physical hardware and machinery. It has recruitment benefits because you’re not confined to local resources for personnel, and for the workers themselves, the time saved by eliminating a commute is highly attractive.

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Fibre Optic Cable Speeds London

Internet Connectivity in London

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Choosing what type of internet connection to go with for your business can be incredibly confusing, and it’s made even more complicated  by the multitude of providers in a deregulated market offering the very same product for a variety of prices.  It is important to be well versed in the implications of all connection options, especially as connectivity is one of the key considerations businesses must look at when deciding on premises.

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