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Wireless Internet as A Backup

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As more critical applications move to the cloud, reliance on ones internet grows. What happens when that internet fails is part of your business continuity plan and backup internet or an internet fail-over is sensible.

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Getting Ready For GDPR

| | Cyber Security

GDPR isn’t just about tightening your security, it’s also about identifying if you have any personal information on your network anywhere and making sure that there are processes in place to prevent and detect if there has been a network breach. Most importantly if there is a breach, one needs to know what your responsibilities are with regard to notifying those who’s data is under threat.


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Microsoft Teams

| | Productivity

Teams is Microsoft’s latest instant messaging application and the new competitor to Slack and Google Hangouts, but how does it work?

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PC vs Mac

| | Productivity

One of the decisions you will need to make when setting up a business is what type of IT to invest in. Naturally, the first consideration will be whether to use PCs or Macs. Hopefully, this guide can help you choose.

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