Proactive On-Site Support

Pre-scheduled regular on-site time to do the things that can’t be done remotely

There is an ever growing list of IT support work that can be done without a technician required on-site. However, we find that maintaining a personal level of contact enables us to build our relationship with clients better, and also ensures that nothing ever gets forgotten.

We often find that some clients don’t want to go to the trouble of reporting small issues, or perhaps just have a quick ‘how do i?’ question for the office’s IT expert. Having a scheduled visit in place, be it daily, weekly or monthly, allows that extra level of interaction which is helpful for resolving any of the niggling IT problems that anyone has. Whilst we’re there we can:

  1. Provide scheduled on-site support to perform the tasks that can’t be done remotely
  2. Perform ad-hoc tasks for proactive maintenance or small projects such as setting up workstations for new staff.

This service avoids having to secure a new budget every time something needs to be done

System Checklist

As part of your on-site visits we will go through a thorough system checklist, encompassing all of your essential systems, from hardware to software. This will give you peace of mind that nothing in your network is likely to fail through a lack of care or attention, and maximises the chances of the technology helping to run your business continuing to run smoothly.
Our on-site computer engineers will provide a personable, friendly face who is always willing to go the extra mile to help your staff. We also give you the freedom to move your scheduled visits any time you need to.

All of our IT support technicians are:

  • Accredited, with fully qualified expertise
  • Equipped with a full checklist so you know what we have looked at in your network every time
  • Flexible about the tasks they’ll work on during each visit

As great as our remote technology is, we know that employees sometimes need to talk through an issue with a person face to face or just want some immediate reassurance. Our on-site support engineers will bring in a personal touch that will give everyone in your business the confidence that there is always someone ready, willing and able to help them with their IT issues, no matter what they are.


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