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More on Hosted Desktops

What Is A Hosted Desktop?

A hosted desktop is a desktop that is run, delivered and supported from a central location such as a datacentre, rather than on a local computer. The user typically accesses their data through a browser and a secure internet connection. To the end user, the hosted desktop acts just like a traditional desktop PC.

The software and data however, are hosted in our data centres instead of being stored and limited to your local network server. A hosted desktop is an example of cloud computing and is also known as Desktop as a Service. (DaaS).

Why Use A Hosted Desktop?

Hosted desktops eliminate the need for the more traditional, less flexible and less secure set-up of desktop PCs in an office environment and will lower the cost of the services that you require.

Having everything located centrally means that all of your data is held securely and backed up from one central location, rather than requiring multiple local machines needing to be backed up each day.

It also gives your employees more freedom and flexibility in how they can work. They can access their data and applications from any machine, without having to worry about having everything with them. All they need is a relatively modest internet connection. A single user would only need a basic 3G connection for a very good experience, while a fast 4G connection or modest fixed-line broadband will be enough to connect up multiple users as once.

Whilst you may think that performance over a remote connection will be inferior to that of a local machine, many users actually find that a hosted desktop is faster. This is because we use the latest high-performance servers and storage arrays in our data centre.

Greater Flexibility, Reduce Costs

A hosted desktop also makes it easier to roll out new applications to many users at once. As long as you have the correct licenses in place, a new application can be brought online to multiple users almost instantaneously.

In addition, to use a hosted desktop, all that end users require is a thin client. This means a low cost and low energy consuming machine, which leads to (sometimes substantial) savings on your electricity bills.

Overall, moving to a hosted desktop setup will provide your business with a securer environment, greater resilience and more flexibility, regardless of the number of physical offices your business may have.

Hosted Desktops
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