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In-house Supplementary Support

When it comes to SMEs and mid-sized businesses, even the best IT departments sometimes require additional support in certain areas. Outsourced IT services provide a valuable resource for those times when your IT support team just needs a little extra help – Correct Group can fill in the gaps and give you the supplementary IT Support you need.

There are various scenarios that call for a bit of in-house supplementary support. As an example, you may have a third-line engineer who needs to be freed up to work on more in-depth tasks and doesn’t have the time to deal with basic front-line issues such as password resets. Or you could have a first-line engineer who needs backup in particular situations and the ability to escalate certain problems to a technician with proper experience and in-depth knowledge in that area. We can also provide holiday cover or sickness cover for members of your team, so you’ve not left a person down when these occasions arise.

Furthermore, our expert skills and the use of our specialist technologies (like our monitoring and remote support tools) means that we’re able to give you that extra backup when you need it the most.

IT Staff Holiday And Sickness Cover

For many businesses with a small internal IT support team, having someone away for any length of time can create a real headache. To help clients lower the risk of IT problems during these periods, Correct Group can provide pre-arranged, emergency remote and on-site support and cover.

We provide:

Access To Specialist System Monitoring And Ticketing Tools

Correct Group license the best of breed in remote monitoring, self-healing and ticketing software. We can provide access to that same tool-set to your in-house IT support team, enabling them to seamlessly integrate with ours. So whether our first or second line help-desk is needed to escalate issues to your third, or your first line needs to escalate the issue to our third, we can handle it.


Specialist IT Skills

We are a Microsoft partner, which gives us priority access to Microsoft software and in-depth product information. It also means that we are at the forefront of any technological advances or enhancements.

This, combined with our extensive experience of wide-ranging technologies, means that we are well placed to assist your in-house IT team with one-off projects. As an example, migrating an email system may be unusual for an in-house technical team – for our specialised project engineers, it will be routine.

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In-house IT support
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