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What is Bank of Hours IT Support?

A Bank of Hours IT Support gives you the flexibility to benefit from our services and help-desk calls whenever you need it. Hours can be used for a variety of service needs when you require immediate remote assistance.

The Bank of Hours IT Support offers:

  • Cost-effective IT Support package
  • Low priced rates
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Guaranteed SLAs
  • Flexibility with how you use your IT Support hours


In effect, we are providing a transparent billing system in which we commit to response times and fee discounts. It’s completely up to you how you allocate your IT support hours. Whatever your IT support requirements, your bank of hours can be allotted however you wish. You can budget them for On-Site* visits or for Proactive Maintenance*. You may want to devote a certain portion to help-desk calls for the times you need immediate remote assistance. The beauty of a Bank of Hours package is that you will receive all the flexibility and cost advantages that it provides, whilst still benefiting from our guaranteed SLA, so you can rest knowing you have a professional IT Support team underpinning your network and making sure that you never suffer downtime for long.

You can choose whether they will be dedicated to fixing IT problems, or for ongoing projects. And if you decide to engage us for a long-term project, but an IT issue crops up needing immediate resolution, we’ll be right there for you and work on it straight away. Our clients benefit from an IT Support team who always responds quickly and delivers peace of mind in the knowledge that the technology supporting your business will always run smoothly.

Correct group flexible hours 24/7

A Bank of Hours system is a popular option for schools and other educational organisations, or any other business that has tight budget constraints. Because we make a bank of hours agreement in advance, you can keep control of your IT Support costs, with no chance of them running away from you. And as your hours are booked in ahead of time, we are able to offer them to you at highly competitive rates. If you find that you need to increase your number of pre-purchased hours, let us know before the end of the month and we can top you up, no problem.

We understand when it comes to IT Support, one size does not fit all. We are always happy to tailor package that meets the specific needs of your business – we don’t want you short-changed on your service requirements, nor paying for services that you don’t need. Rest assured that you will receive the same high level of service no matter what IT package you decide to go with.

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