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Cloud Hosting


Imagine if all of your employees can have access to the same software and data from different devices. This is the power of Cloud Hosting. Empower your employees with the best cloud solution for your business and improve productivity so that you can do more with less.
Our cloud hosting solutions and consultancy will provide you with flexibility, security, and scalable systems to boost productivity and reduce costs. You can be sure to benefit from a fully managed and secure off-premise infrastructure.


What Cloud Solution is right for me?

Having a clear understanding of the various cloud solutions is essential when it comes to implementing cloud to your business. We will help you understand your options and work closely with you to recommend the best and cost-effective platform for your business.

These might include the shared power of Microsoft Azure or Amazon’s AWS. Similarly, we might recommend the more predictable costing of a private data centre. We recommend cloud backup for businesses who want to share files securely, manage IT resources better, improve compliance safeguards, and reduce costs. Of course, there are different requirements for different businesses that are unique to their own platform, but cloud backup for businesses is a must regardless of your industry or company size!

Working with Correct Group

Here at Correct Group, we not only specialise in cloud hosting and have extensive experience of over 15 years, but we also hold a huge passion delivering an outstanding service to our clients from choosing the right solution through to set-up and maintenance.

We leverage our extensive experience with data centres as well as mainstream cloud platforms such as Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure to help our clients obtain exciting benefits for their businesses in London.

Our IT experts have worked with our clients to configure their servers and firewalls. We’ve configured infrastructure for websites, cloud storage, applications, hosted desktops, standby environments, telecommunications, databases and backup locations. The potential is vast.


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