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Correct Group are able to provide stable and secure platforms for a full range of cloud hosting services. Our customers benefit from fully-managed secure off-premise infrastructure and services. Our hosted solutions are cost effective, scalable and resilient environments. We leverage our extensive experience with data centres as well as mainstream cloud platforms such as Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to help our clients obtain exciting benefits for their businesses in London.

Cloud hosting


Cloud hosting can mean many things to many people, but by using shared computers in a data centre, a company will be able to benefit from enterprise features for a fraction of the costs.


It would be impossible to recreate the resilience and scalability of the Microsoft Azure platform in your own office. You would have to invest heavily in network infrastructure which may include multiple high speed internet lines, multiple servers and expensive backup with monitoring around the clock.
To mitigate the risk of a disaster (like a fire) taking down your company and losing your data, you’d need to recreate an identical environment and house it somewhere else, on standby. Amazon can offer this to you at a click, and at a fraction of the price.
The type of setup required to build your company it’s own local platform of this quality would be out of reach for most businesses if they tried to fund it themselves. And even if it were more affordable, the obvious economies of scales have seen corporations eagerly embracing the cloud revolution. The good news for smaller businesses is that now they can, too.

What can you do?

Correct Group works with our customers to recommend the best and most cost-effective platform for their business. These might include the shared power of Microsoft Azure or Amazon’s AWS. Similarly, we might recommend the more predictable costing of a private data centre.
Our IT experts have worked with our clients to configure their servers and firewalls. We’ve configured infrastructure for: websites, cloud storage, applications, hosted desktops, standby environments, telecommunications, databases (such as MYSQL and MS SQL) and backup locations. The potential is vast.
Why not ask us today about all the things that we can do to help you and your business harness the benefits of cloud computing.

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