IT Security

IT Security covers a vast range of measures an organisation may take to secure their network. With the introduction of GDPR, keeping your data secure is a hot topic. But, aside from the threat of government fines should you be declared irresponsible with your IT security, there are plenty of reasons why your security should be your uppermost IT priority:

  • Security of company’s commercially sensitive information such as client lists and pricing from competitors
  • Business continuity, viruses and disruption can place you in breach of your commitments, might lose you clients
  • Protecting employee sensitive information, such as salaries

Whatever concerns you have relating to your cyber protection, there are an increasing number of solutions that meet these challenges. As an ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certified company, we are well placed to advise you on suitable products and approaches.

Penetration tests and network audits

The starting point in any security brief is to asses a network’s shortcomings and give advice. In smaller, less complex networks, our 16 years of professional experience may be enough to determine any possible network deficiencies without the need for a formal security review. There are security quick wins and we’ll tell you straight away what they are, but should you need a more formal appraisal (for example, if you or your clients are regulated), Correct Group offers security reviews and penetration testing. We’ve also assisted clients in meeting assessment requirements of their potential clients or governing authorities.

Security Solutions

Correct Group has a strong stable of security solutions on which to call upon. As with any stable though, it is ‘horses for courses’ and we need to assess your particular needs before recommending one solution or another:

  • Firewalls: What features do you need? Intrusion detection, VPNs, Web filtering, Internet speeds and how many users will be connected.
  • Anti Virus: Do you have Microsoft, Apple or Linux, can we centrally update the virus definitions.
  • Email filtering: URL scanning and SPAM protection. What email platform do you run?
  • Two factor Authentication and strong password policies: how strict are you on enforcing password changes and complexity.
  • External access: are you allowing your staff to simply VPN from anywhere on personal computer? If this is the case,you might be providing a back door in.

We are highly committed to making sure that companies are protected from the various methods of cyber infiltration that can impact and destroy business. If IT security is a concern for you, let’s have an initial, non-committal talk to see what we can do to help.

Network security

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