Cloud Hosted Telephony

Using the internet to make calls to handsets, desktops and mobile phones

The Advantages are Real

The advantages of Voice Over Internet (VOIP) over traditional telephony like ISDN lines, are now proven and very real. We have lost count of the number of times a client has told us that they’re moving offices and cannot get the phones in on time, shown us a phone bill that makes VOIP look heroic, or struggled because they don’t have enough phone lines and their customers are getting engaged tones!

Our Platform solves all of the problems encountered with traditional telephony, plus adds so much more. It has a long list of features that you can choose to use or not, and in just one day, it can be ordered, set up and configured. Why wouldn’t you pick up the phone and ask for it today? (Unless your phones aren’t working of course!)

While hosted telephony can be just as simple as making a call from any old fashioned phone, it also has many advanced features that could really help your business.


  • Call recording
  • Choosing an incoming telephone number from many different geographic locations including international
  • Choosing your caller ID
  • Diverting calls
  • Putting calls on hold
  • Uploading and changing your own hold music
  • Transferring calls
  • Setting up a conference call “room”
  • Low cost calls
  • 3-way calling
  • Voicemail (delivered to email!)
  • Fax (delivered to email)
  • Inbound voice menus (IVR- a Virtual Switchboard)
  • Inbound call routing
  • Direct dial in numbers
  • Group voicemail
  • Call queuing
  • Online operator panel to view calls in real time
  • Online address book
  • Call reporting and history available immediately
  • Call pickup
  • … and many more


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